Rakbursti - Edition 2 - Urushi lacquer - Silvertip greifingjahár

Bestu greifingjahár sem völ er á. Stór bursti (23mm í ummál). 

Hér má lesa nánar um efnviðinn í handfanginu.

Made from the finest natural lacquer, MÜHLE EDITION No. 2 is precious and incomparably beautiful. Applied manually in wafer-thin layers, lacquer has long been a symbol of perfection and aestheticism. The first evidence of lacquer art dates back to the year 300 B.C. The craft of processing the resin of the Asian lacquer tree has been perfected continuously over the millennia. In the ancient world, red and black – and later more colours – were applied in several layers. After curing, the work pieces are once again treated, polished, painted or engraved. Urushi is the name given to this artistic craft in Japan, and the expressions Japanese or Chinese lacquer are frequently used. Our Edition series is created under the same conditions: the total absence of dust, the manual application of numerous layers and several polishing procedures. The less material used, the finer and deeper the shine.

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